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Finding the right photographer is not an easy task especially when you are not a native of Puerto Rico. During our search, Emilio’s work spoke to us. The quality of his photos are superior. His passion really stands out through his work. Emilio and his wife are a great duo and we couldn’t have asked anyone better to capture our special day so beautifully. Thank you for adding a personal touch to each frame and playing off of our energy. Being an Indian wedding, they were extremely accommodating; giving us ample time so that nothing was missed. Our love shines through each photograph
— Sehdevs

Jogesh & Sarita Sehdev

Your wedding day... It has been a posibility in your life and finally there is a date on that dream. You want to remember it but everyone constantly tells you: “It goes by so fast”. How can you beat time in a moment you been waiting for so long? I want you to meet my best time machine: Emilio Leon! My husband and I were clear that the most important thing in our special day was the only thing you stay with after that date... The pictutes! So before booking the venue we interviewed several photographers. Same boring pictures, no creativity, no interesting moments of weddings in their portfolios. Until we interviewed Emilio. Wow! It was like seeing a magazine editorial quality pictures filled with real moments of normal happy people having the time of there life at the weddings. We fell in love with his vision of our dream day. He has with us a review of A+, 5 stars, 100% positive review in all aspects of his business. Great service, amazing follow up and perfect attention to details in that day. We are so happy that we were Capable to freeze time with his pictures and capture the magic of our amazing romantic dream day. Thank you Emilio for giving us that amazing opportunity!
— Cynthia & Jonathan

Marieli & Oscar

Our wedding day was truly special. And working with Emilio Leon and his team was definitely a highlight. He came highly recommended by our coordinator and we were extremely happy it worked out, and he had our date available. We really like his style, talent and play with natural lighting, a feature we thought was extremely important given the set-up and style of our wedding, a mix of fresh relaxed outdoor and elegant indoor shots. We are from Puerto Rico, but lived in Texas and Washington, DC respectively; therefore Emilio was diligent in explaining and providing thoughtful answers to our questions over email and the phone. He was truly responsive and engaging. We enjoyed his professionalism and desire to give us his best. Both my now husband and I are not photogenic folks. With that said, to our surprise, we had a blast throughout and felt like naturals both doing our Love Story and on Wedding Day! To say the least, our Love Story session was one -if not the best- date ever as we strolled through Old San Juan, enjoyed the sites and small talk along the way as Emilio did “his thing” …capture the moments. Even tourists were taking pictures of us thinking we were some sort of celebrity. Emilio brought out the best in us and made this experience rewarding at so many levels. As per packages, I sincerely think he has the best deals. We met and evaluated a few as part of a greater roster, but hands down our choice to go with Emilio Leon Photography was unquestionable. We are extremely grateful we chose him. He was also flexible in adjusting the package that we wanted to fit our needs. On the day of our wedding, Emilio and his team truly gave us their best and made us feel at ease at all times. We thoroughly enjoyed having him as our photographer; he is innately talented, professional, and does his work joyfully! If you are getting married in Puerto Rico, I would highly recommend Emilio Leon!
— Marieli

Angeles & Ignacio

When it was time to plan our wedding we knew that the most important thing were the pictures! Its the only thing you can keep long after the big day. We wanted something different, fun, creative; not the same boring posed photos we have all seen. When we started our research on photographers we were certain Emilio Leon Photography had the best portfolio. The quality and creativity of his work its just impressive, pure art! We knew right away we had to have him on our wedding.

Since the moment we first met Emilio and Mara to discuss the wedding and to do our love story we felt at ease and happy to know we were on the same page and they understood what we wanted. On our wedding day, even doing the “sexy pictures” while getting ready, it felt so comfortable, professional and natural. During the ceremony we didn’t even noticed him, we truly enjoyed the celebration of our love without feeling overwhelmed with pictures. At the reception we had a blast!! We didn’t miss any fun, we enjoyed our night and we could tell they enjoy what they do and have fun doing it, which made it enjoyable for us too.

After the wedding we were surprised by all the pictures we had and all the special moments he managed to capture, since we felt like we just danced the night away. We are originally from PR, but moved to Maine after the wedding and it was so easy to communicate with him via email or phone. And now I have this amazing photos hanging in my walls and we are so proud to share them with our friends and family.

Thanks Emilio for your talent and creativity! Keep turning beautiful memories into art! There’s no doubt we would recommend Emilio to anyone getting married!
— Angeles & Ignacio Fernández-Cuervo
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