About Emilio Leon Photography


Our wedding photography is describe as timeless, romantic, and elegant. Our goal is to take the best photo of you that you've ever seen. Our job is to make sure you look and feel amazing every step of the way while keeping the experience organized, easy, light and fun so you have the best time and enjoy the day.

Emilio León Photography is all about freezing the moments... moments that the Bride and Groom didn't even notice.  The moments that you look back on and tell stories about for years to come.  We tend to be calm and discrete, but we also have superpowers that let us be everywhere and invisible at the same time, so you can relax and know that yeah, we got that photo…

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About Emilio


    Emilio is a passionate storyteller, obsessed with finding/creating beautiful light and turning casual moments into stunning imagery. He cares deeply about building relationships with our couples, and providing an atmosphere that allows you to be relaxed and to have fun. He feels grateful to have a vocation that brings he into the lives and stories of so many wonderful people. Through the lens, he sees drama, scale and perspective, and transforms a real life moment into art in an instant. Emilio will make sure you not only get the photographs you expect from your wedding day, but the photographs you never dreamed possible, even though they were happening all around you. We look forward to discovering and documenting each and every moment that will truly take your breath away.


The Art Behind The Lens

As an artist, my subject matter has predominantly been people, their stories, their emotions, and their hearts. Everyday I’m more amazed of what a story photography can tell. A moment captured in time; shared forever. My goal everyday is to create a visual story that needs no words. A photograph can tell a story in a single image, or as in a wedding, chronicle a day in a life, like a storybook.

The magic of the moment, the sparkle in the eye, the look of love - these impressions can only be captured, they can never be staged. Even when directing a shot he is able to make it appear spontaneous and unstaged. By means of "little tricks" and his relaxed manner, Emilio removes all shyness from his subjects.


The Team

Our photography team is focused on providing you with a full Emilio León Photography Experience. We are known to arrange veils, put that boutonniere, guard your lipstick has a treasure and hold your bouquet anytime you need to breath for a minute or just to make your walk easier. Plus you will have that another angle as we work as a second shooter in the ceremony. We are that extra helping hand that you will need in your wedding day. Finally, we will deliver you an artistic product worthy of the Emilio León Photography brand.

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Thank you for taking your time to get to know me and my photography.

I believe that great “story telling pictures” with your overall experience from your photographer is essential for your wedding day. You will get me as your photographer and a friend to help you as much as I can all they way to your big day! I would love to hear all about your personal story, your wedding plans and really just get to know you to make sure we are the perfect fit for one another so please feel free to Contact me!